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It's portable, so we fill the sink with RO water when necessary and put the washer in and run it like that.  We don't put anything into the water.  If you have tanks that have dried out and have crusted algae, etc. it does a TERRIFIC job cleaning them. I doesn't scratch the plastic.  We use it to clean the lids quickly and we rarely have food buildup on them anymore.  It take about 20 seconds to clean one tank.  If I am cleaning food-encrusted lids, I soak them for about 20 minutes in RO water and then run them through (about 4 seconds each lid) and they come out pristine.  We only bleach tanks if they have come in contact with a dead or sick fish, in which case I don't use the barmaid.  Hope this answers some questions, it has made my job sooooooooooooo much easier.  If anyone has any more, feel free to ask me.  

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