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On Aug 24, 12:30 pm, Timothy Mason <tma... from uoregon.edu> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm gathering information from research labs about the types of
> containers used to hold fish awaiting genotyping results.
> For example, a fish that undergoes a tail clip will necessarily need to
> wait while its genotype is determined via PCR, or, fish that are crossed
> to produce embryos used for a phenotype ID will need to wait somewhere
> while the embryos develop the phenotype.
> Where do you keep the fish?
> Do you use static water containers? Which manufacturer? How much water?
> Do you have containers that work with your water system to provide fresh
> water to the fish while it waits for its result?
> Here at the UO research facility we have developed a standard procedure
> that allows researchers to keep fish in a plastic container (ZipLoc)
> with roughly 32 US ounces (~946 ml) of static water for up to 5 days
> while it waits for its result. We are reviewing this procedure and are
> hoping to gather information about other best practices for this type of
> husbandry procedure.
> Thanks, in advance, for any help you can offer.
> -Tim
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> Timothy Mason
> UO Zebrafish Facility Manager
> Eugene OR 97403
> phone: 541-346-4598http://fish.uoregon.edu

Hi Tim
here in the Moens Lab in Seattle we use small plastic tupperware
containers. They hold 500ml if completely full so we put 300-400ml in
them.  They have 5 holes cut in the lids.  They stack on the bench
such that we have 8 columns wide and 6 columns high (1/2 of a 96-well
plate).  To fill 48 "tanklets" we make up 20 liters of system water
with AmmoLock (2.8ml/20L; Aquarium Pharmaceuticals) and Stress Coat+
Fish and Tap Water conditioner (5.3ml/20L).  We leave the fish in the
tanks, without changing the water, from one to 5 days.  When finished,  
we put the  tanklets through a bleach process and then send them down  
to glassware
for a final washing (water only).
Kathryn Helde
Moens Lab

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