[Zbrafish] four types of microinjection molds for $25 a piece

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We have purchased four different types of microinjection molds from Adaptive
Science Tools at http://adaptivesciencetools.com/index.html and use them
according to what we are doing with the embryos. All types of molds are
$25.00 each.
Zebrafish Injection:
TU-1 = Six ramps containing one 90 degree and one 45 degree beveled side.

Cnf-2 = Two ramps for holding dechorioned embryos used for time-lapse dorsal
or ventral imaging

Cell transplantation:
PT-1= Injection/ transplantation mold with 150 triangular divots to accept
individual embryos.

I-34 = Six ramps used for micro-injection. Both sides are at a 90-degree
angle firmly orienting the embryo.

To order molds call (774) 239-6133 or email Inject from AdaptiveScienceTools.com

They will also make molds and other bench top and fish facility equipment to
your specifications. See the website for more details.

Hope this helps.


On Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 1:23 PM, Cecilia Moens <cmoens from fhcrc.org> wrote:

> We purchased our microinjection molds from Clive Ellard Instrumentation in
> Washington (360) 805-5406, clive from ellardinstrumentation.com. He sells a
> mold for making agarose dishes with six parallel troughs for microinjection,
> for $40.00 each. I'm not sure what the part number is, but tell them you
> want the mold they made for the Moens lab at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer
> Research Center. Also, Adaptive Science Tools in MA (774) 239-6133 sells a
> plastic mold for making agarose dishes with 120 single wells for individual
> embryos (part # PT-1). These are useful for transplantation experiments.
> They may sell a mold for making troughs like the one from Clive Ellard, but
> I'm not certain about this.
> - Cecilia.
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