[Zbrafish] cold weather shipping

Steven Waldron via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by waldrons from u.washington.edu)
Fri Jan 16 13:06:14 EST 2009

Hi Judy,
You'll need to pack the fish in a small thick-walled styrofoam shipping 
container nestled within a cardboard box filled with packing peanuts. It 
is essential to pack the styrofoam peanut layer with a few heat packs- 
the kind used as hand-warmers for cold-weather sports will do. If the 
fish are going really long-distance you may have to invest in heat packs 
that are specifically designed for shipping livestock and maintain heat 
for a longer duration. You can find these at aquabid.com.
p.s. make sure the heat packs do not come into direct contact with the 
container holding the fish...ironically, direct contact with the heat 
packs could fry your fish even if the outside temperature is frigid.

Judy Bennett wrote:
> Does anyone have a reliable protocol for (overnight) shipping adult 
> fish and/or embryos in these frigid temps?
> Thanks
> Judy Bennett
> UMass, Amherst
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