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Vladimir Apekin via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by paramecia.vap from gmail.com)
Mon Jun 15 19:10:49 EST 2009

To whom it may concern.

Dear Colleagues,

    If you are interested in improving the way you grow zebrafish in
your lab, we at - parameciavap.com- (formerly known as Fish and Frogs
Co.) are excited to be of service to you. Packaged under oxygen, the
culture is stable for an additional week.

Our product has been successfully tested and is relied on by many
research Laboratories in Boston and across the US.
For instance, Zon Lab has been buying our Paramecia every week for 7
years, the Sive Lab for 8 years, O’Malley Lab for  5 years and so on.
(Ben Pratt :“..Reliable, Consistent, Convenient, and Economical”).

If you know a lab that might be interested in our product, please
forward this message along to them.

Vladimir Apekin

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