[Zbrafish] Fish/trout serum for zebrafish cell culture

Lasse via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by lasse from scienceshow.dk)
Wed Jun 17 12:21:22 EST 2009

Dear All

A collegue and I are trying to establish fish cell lines, and in
preparation for that I have found several papers strongly promoting
the addition of Fish/trout/salmonoid serum and/or embryo extracts to
the culture medium. I was wandering if anyone have experience with
using fish serum for cell culture and if so, have a tip to where I can
purchase fish serum relatively cheaply (preferably a european
company). Alternative if you have a good protochol for how to obtain
cell culture-grade fish serum from whole blood?

I would also appreciate any other comments or expertise/know how you
might like to share regarding fish cell culture, although I can be
more specific at this time as I have just started myself.

All my best, and thanks alot in advance!! Lasse

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