[Zbrafish] Diseased Zebrafish

ZebrafishMD via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by philosophyfreak from yahoo.com)
Mon Jun 29 10:57:34 EST 2009

Recently, we have noticed that our fish have been dying in a similar
fashion. They get lathargic, rest on the bottom of the tank, bloat,
and die. Sometimes it looks as if their scales are raising off of
their bodies. Simultaneously, another problem seemed to be occurring,
in which fish exhibited bent or curved spinal columns, making it
difficult for them to swim. From the research I've done, our facility
hasn't been the only one with this problem. I believe that our fish
are infected by microsporidiosis, a disease in which a parasite
releases spores that the fish eat, and which subsequently infect the
host's hindbrain and spinal column. This disease seems to have
symptoms our fish have: emaciation and a curved spinal cord. But this
does not explain the bloating or lethargy. These symptoms seem to
suggest that many of the fish have infected swim bladders, which
research suggests usually occurs when the fish are immunosuppressed
and bacteria makes their way from the gut to the swim bladder, which
are connected in zebrafish. Is it possible that the spores are causing
the immunosupression and, subsequently, our fish are getting infected
swim bladders? Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how was it
dealt with? What is the best way to eradicate the problem? Thanks in
advance to any one who may have a solution or advive.

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