[Zbrafish] cockroach gel bait in zebrafish facility

zohar ben moshe via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by zohar.bm from gmail.com)
Tue Jun 30 13:52:51 EST 2009

Dear ZF community members,

We have had an explosion of cockroach population (the big disgusting
type) in our ZF facility and called a insect exterminator.
For caution he used a gel bait, not spray.
But, unsupervised, he placed gel spots inside the shelves and some of
the spots are in contact with the water!!
The active compound in the gel is Imidacloprid (2.15%).
This compound is of very low acute toxicity to fish. However, we do
not know about the prolonged exposure and whether the biofilter will
take care of this or not.
We will greatly appreciate any insight on the use of this compound,
Imidacloprid, in a fish facility.
Should we get hysteric or can we relax?



Yoav Gothilf's Laboratory
Department of Neurobiology
Tel Aviv University

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