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We aren't using the MEPS system, but we are using inserts from AHAB for the 2L tank to spawn wildtypes every day.

What we find is like almost any other mating:

1. The fish have to get used to the setup
2. Whether or not you get eggs reliably depends on the fish strain, the fish age, and how well the fish are fed.
3. We usually set up for the next morning around 4-5pm.  (Our lights come on at 10am during spring forward)   We do get a few that lay during the night, but most seem to get on schedule fairly rapidly.

One trick that works really well for us is the following:

We remove the fish tanks from the system and place the fish into a breeding insert into a 2L tank that contains 1/2 system water and 1/2 straight RO1 water.  We leave them off the system for breeding.  Keeping the water on the shallow side in the breeding insert with several plastic plants encourages egg lay and helps prevent fish fights.

Probably preaching to the converted, but there you go.


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> Hi All,
> I'd be keen to here your views on the MEPS or Mini MEPS also.
> We currently produce embryos via tank spawning (60 fish/Tank) over a
> trap.  This occurs daily across several different time points.
> We find although fairly reliable, we still get hit and miss days.
> So, those of you that are currently using a MEPS:
> Do you reliably get lays everyday?
> Roughly how many eggs do you get in a lay?
> How much control do you get with regards to the age of the embryos
> when harvested?  ie are they mixed, or are you able to collect in a
> tight enough window to get 1cell embryos?
> thanks,
> jason
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