[Zbrafish] Re: Imaging Zebrafish

Haiqiong via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by lhqkey from gmail.com)
Sun May 24 15:22:00 EST 2009

Hi Sarah,

Since it is fluorescent imaging, I guess you might be using some
fluorescent dye for live embryos. Actually, it will be very hard to
get good quality image without mounting the embryos, because it will
be hard to go to high magnification without a coverslip. If you mean
mounting the embryos but keeping them live for later use, you can use
0.5% agarose in E3 media with Tricaine.


On May 22, 8:27 am, FritzXC23 <frits... from gettysburg.edu> wrote:
> Hi All!
> My name is Sarah Fritz and I am undergraduate student from Gettysburg
> College. I am currently working on a research project that involves
> imaging fluorescent zebrafish hair cells. I am wondering if anyone has
> suggestions about the best way to get 5 dpf fish to lay on their sides
> without having to mount them. Thanks!
> Sarah Fritz

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