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I imagine that you want to image quickly and 
possibly large numbers of larvae (screen?), since 
you don't want to mount them. 5 dpf ist 
difficult, because by this time they have 
inflated swim bladders and won't lie on their 
sides when anesthetized. Instead they may float 
belly up.
At the last ZF Meeting there was a company 
(forgot the name but could find out) presenting a 
96 well plate that had in-build little prisms 
that allowed imaging from below and getting a 
side view of the larvae. The draw-back was that 
this results in a rather long working distance 
and max. possible magnification they could get 
was with a 10x objective, if I remember 
correctly. I think it was pretty expensive too, 
but I see now reason why the plates couldn't be 


>Hi Sarah,
>Since it is fluorescent imaging, I guess you might be using some
>fluorescent dye for live embryos. Actually, it will be very hard to
>get good quality image without mounting the embryos, because it will
>be hard to go to high magnification without a coverslip. If you mean
>mounting the embryos but keeping them live for later use, you can use
>0.5% agarose in E3 media with Tricaine.
>On May 22, 8:27 am, FritzXC23 <frits... from gettysburg.edu> wrote:
>>  Hi All!
>>  My name is Sarah Fritz and I am undergraduate student from Gettysburg
>>  College. I am currently working on a research project that involves
>>  imaging fluorescent zebrafish hair cells. I am wondering if anyone has
>>  suggestions about the best way to get 5 dpf fish to lay on their sides
>>  without having to mount them. Thanks!
>>  Sarah Fritz
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