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Hi Sarah,

I also think the best way to image live fish is to put them in agarose - but
remember to use low melting point agarose - or you'll fry your fish! I tend to
melt a batch and put it in microtubes and keep it at 50C ready for use (either
hotblock or waterbath).  Don't add tricaine till you need it! I find mounting
fish when the agarose is ready is very quick.
Then it then depends if you have an upright or inverted scope.  For inverted I
like to use glass bottom mini petri dishes. For upright you can do the same and
turn it upside down or use a water immersion lens.  
If you want to image lots of embryos on their side you could try a sideview
plate (google it) or a optically clear 96 well plate and spin them down at low
speed on a centrifuge - the majority should be laying on their side (all
dependant on age though - works best for 2-4 days old embryos, or older if the
swim bladder isn't inflated). This is only really suitable for an inverted
It is possible to use a silicone spacer (to make a small well) and put the
embryo in the well (in E3) and put a cover slip on top. But your fish might
move more and can't be left for a long time like this.

I hope that's helpful,

> On May 22, 8:27 am, FritzXC23 <frits... from gettysburg.edu> wrote:
> > Hi All!
> >
> > My name is Sarah Fritz and I am undergraduate student from Gettysburg
> > College. I am currently working on a research project that involves
> > imaging fluorescent zebrafish hair cells. I am wondering if anyone has
> > suggestions about the best way to get 5 dpf fish to lay on their sides
> > without having to mount them. Thanks!
> >
> > Sarah Fritz
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> Subject: [Zbrafish] zebrafish inbred line
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> Is zebrafish inbred line available for our research.
> AB, Tab or TU?
> Thanks.
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