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On Sep 6, 9:11 pm, chubbyjayu <chubbyj... from gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello all!
> I have been trying to raise zebrafish larvae in the lab
> unsuccessfully. The problem is that the larvae tend to die 12 - 14
> days post fertilization and there seems to be no logical cause for the
> death.
> I check the paramecium stocks for coleps everyday, but see none. We
> have even tried raising the zebrafish  larvae in embryo medium (made
> as per the zebrafish book), but even then we see that the larvae die
> out within 14 days.
> Could you please help me figure out where I am going wrong?
> Jayasree

Hopefully these pointers will be helpful.
Even using E3 the fish are going to need a gradual water change.  Some
facilities put the babies on an overnight drip/trickle which is turned
off in the day.
When the fish are dying at 12-14 days, this usually indicates that
they are not getting enough to eat (I've been told the yolk runs out
around day 10).
In my experience fish do best with an extreme concentrations of
paramecia.  You want the it too look like a paramecia blizzard in the
tank if you can.  This is why using a small volume tank or beaker
(greater para. conc.) works best for the larvae.
If the fish are well fed you can see their bellies bulged out even
without magnification.
It seems to be nearly impossible to "overfeed" babies (of course
rotting food in the tank is a no-no, but this doesn't seem to happen
easily with para).
Hope this helps.

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