[Zbrafish] Zebrafish females not looking gravid

val via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by valetta.saldanha from gmail.com)
Tue Apr 6 00:23:20 EST 2010

The adult zebrafish females in our facility do not seem to be getting
'chubby'.It is a problem indentifying the females to set them up for
breeding. We have been feeding them about 3-4 times a day with variety
of diets including Artemia,micropellets,Daphnia and tubifex worms.

Moreover the fish have stopped breeding and there has been no egg
production for the last 6 months. They show no sign of infection or
disease. It is hard to tell if there is any chasing in the breeding
tanks at all. The male:female ratio in the breeding tanks is 2:1. We
have also setup mass breeding (4females+ 8males) in the tanks but to
no success.
We have been treating them with salt water once every week for the
past 3 weeks to rule out any chance of infection. We tested the water
for all relevant parameters and the water condition seems optimal.
Temperature and aeration in the tank is set at optimal conditions.

Can someone help identify the problem?
Could anyone suggest alternative protocols for breeding?


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