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> Hello Brian
> We have two transparent lines available at the Zebrafish International
> Resource Center:
> Casper:http://zebrafish.org/zirc/fish/lineAll.php?t=Anything&c=casper
> Absolute:http://zebrafish.org/zirc/fish/lineAll.php?t=Anything&c=absolute
> www.seethroughfish.blogspot.com
> Best Fishes
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> Zebrafish International Resource Center
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> Eugene, Or 97403
> Email: da... from zebrafish.org
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> fax: (541) 346-6151

Hi all,
Thanks to all who answered me on this one. We have actually just
received some rainbow trout which are very low in pigment (our normal
model fish are rainbow trout - as we are a veterinary lab interested
in this aquaculture species). But I will keep all your good answers/
solutions as we are moving into research in zebrafish too. We have
allready started infection trials using zebrafish and it seems there
is an overlab in some of the viral diseases which can infect both
rainbow trout and zebrafish although the zebrafish do not have the
same high mortality using our rainbow trout diseases - of course. They
are also quite small compared to rainbow trout but I guess we have to
adapt to that.

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