[Zbrafish] Fish Dying... Any clues?

chubbyjayu via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by chubbyjayu from gmail.com)
Sat Apr 17 01:29:49 EST 2010

Hi all,

We had got some zebrafish from a local aquarium. However, on close
examination, we saw the gills and head region reddened, and pretty
soon the most fish began to bleed through their gills and were coming
to the surface repeatedly. Blood clotting was observed on the body and
the fins of some of the fishes. Also, on the back of 2 males, we
noticed discoloured patches. We separated all of the sick fishes, and
of the 8 fishes bought, (4 males + 4 females), 5 perished within 2
days, and the remaining fish were kept for observation for a week. 3
females that survived were healthy. These females were put to breed,
and are breeding regularly.
However, now the infection seems to have spread to some of my other
fish. They also show symptoms same as reddening of the gills and head
regions and coming to the surface. A few males seem to have also
developed the same discoloured patches around the pelvic fins (while
viewing from top). Also, a few of the fishes have become lethargic,
which i presume is a hallmark of this infection.
We are disinfecting our tanks today with a concentrated solution of
salt. I suspect this is velvet disease.
If anyone has any inputs on this condition, or has seen a similar
condition, do let me know. It would be of much help.

Thanks in advance,

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