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Hi everyone,


We are having the issue that our newer MOs are falling out of solution,
even at 4 degrees.  We are being advised to keep them at RT, but others
have told me they evaporate too quickly at RT.  Our other issues are
that we have historically always resuspended to make concentrated stocks
(which is compounding our problem) and we transfer the stocks to


My questions are the following:


1.     Has anyone come up with a better medium for resuspending that is
less prone to having the MOs fall out of solution?


2.     We are reluctant/worried about resuspedning at a lower
concentration.  For example, the sqt MO is published as being injected
at 7ng to get the phenotype and we have found this to be accurate.  This
is going to be very hard to reproduce with a 1mM stock.  Has anyone
found that when they resuspended at a lower concentration that the MO
actually worked better?


3.     Does anyone have any storage advice that has worked well for them
and yet prevents massive evaporation?







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