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If you have received the email below please check directly with Elsevier
since it reads like a scam.






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The Editorial Policy and Practices Of The


Elsevier Journals



1. The Editorial Board


Elsevier journals are headed by Editors and an Editorial Board Members. The
Editors and Editorial Board is appointed by the Publication Committee of
Elsevier Journals. Editors serve a 3-year term and Editorial Board members
also serve a 3-year term. Board members are chosen based on the journal's
need for representation from a particular subject area in conjunction with
the individual's commitment to maintaining high journal standards as
illustrated in objective and prompt reviews.


An Editorial Office Team is also appointed by the publication committee to
directly assist the editors and editorial board members.


II. The Review Process


The Elsevier Journals editorial office policy requires each manuscript be
reviewed by individuals who are highly competent and recognized in the
particular field of the submitted manuscript. The editorial office contacts
those reviewers that have been identified as qualified and/or recommended by
the authors. Authors are also encouraged to submit in their cover letters
names of individuals whom they feel are appropriate and qualified to review
their manuscript. Once potential reviewers agree to read a manuscript they
are given a one-week time-frame to complete the review.


When the reviews are completed, a decision is made to either accept the
paper or give the authors the opportunity to revise according to reviewers'
suggestions or to reject the paper based on the reviewers' criticisms and
the editors' opinion of the paper. In some instances it is necessary to seek
the opinion of other reviewers if further comment is necessary to make a
final decision. When an editor has completed his decision on a manuscript,
the decision letter and reviewers' comments are sent to the author. Any
questions or concerns regarding the editorial decision on any manuscript
must be made directly to the Elsevier Journals editorial office. Revised
manuscripts are evaluated to determine if the author(s) have adequately
addressed and answered the critiques of the reviewers and editors. Depending
upon this evaluation, manuscripts may be accepted, returned for further
revision, or rejected. If a paper is accepted, the paper is immediately sent
to the publication office and slotted for the next available issue. An
Elsevier journal tries to complete the review cycle in one week. This time,
however, may vary depending on the amount of revision work that needs to be
completed before the manuscript is acceptable.


111. Grounds for Declining a Manuscript

Elsevier Journals will decline a manuscript after it has completed the
review process. Manuscripts that do not meet the standards of the journal
are returned to authors with substantial comments describing the basis for
the decision. Manuscripts may be rejected if it is felt that the findings
are not sufficiently novel, do not provide sufficient new insights, do not
contain enough new information, or are too preliminary to warrant

Please note that you are to pay $350 for registration and that is only after
your credentials have been screened by our board. For more details please
read the letter attached below. 



We would appreciate if you contact us as soon as possible because we are
updating our data sheet for reviewers and editors which we want to upload in
our website soonest. Thank you for your co-operation. Please reply only to
<mailto:board.elsevier from gmail.com> board.elsevier from gmail.com 

Best regards

Edwin Laans (prof)

Chief Editor


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