[Zbrafish] Problem breeding Zebrafish

chubbyjayu via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by chubbyjayu from gmail.com)
Mon Jan 4 22:24:25 EST 2010

Hi there again!

We are trying to breed Zebrafish in the lab, and are very
unsuccessful. We have a colony of adults, with males and females in
almost equal proportion. The problem we are facing is that the fish do
not seem to breed.

We have a temperature controlled room, and guppy tanks with separaters
in which we put the fish to breed. Breeding them has worked in the
past, but of late, the fish just do not seem to be breed.

The females are chubby, and we feed them with Artemia twice a day
(morning and evening) + one helping of commercially available food.

Could this be due to separation of males from females? I have been
regularly separating them once they're done breeding.

Any kind of input would be welcome!



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