[Zbrafish] 5th Aquatic Animal Models for Human Disease

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Mon Jul 19 11:09:36 EST 2010

Oregon State University is holding the 5th Aquatic Animal Models for
Human Disease. Here is a little information about the conference and
the link that will direct you to the site.
Mon, 09/20/2010 (All day) - Wed, 09/22/2010 (All day)
5th Aquatic Animal Models for Human Disease will provide investigators
with a unique opportunity to exchange scientific information, identify
research tools and opportunities, and encourage enhancement of the
utility of aquatic models for studies of human disease.

The science: a range of presentations on recent discoveries from a
variety of fields that are not typically covered in more specialized
scientific conferences.

The technology: introduction and discussion of technologies being
developed using aquatic models.

The resources: current resources available and identify resource needs
of the research community essential to support advancement of variety
of animal models.
The results: information within a broad range of disciplines involving
various animal models, required method and proven approaches.

Who should attend this conference?
If you are currently using aquatic models and are interested in
learning about recent advances in their use for human health related
research or if you are interested in learning how these models may be
used for translational research, this conference is for you. The
conference brings together researchers, industrial leaders, and
funding agency representatives to discuss how the unique advantages of
aquatic models are being exploited to accelerate our understanding of
the cause of human diseases and for the discovery of novel treatments.

For more information, to register or submit an abstract please visit
us at: http://oregonstate.edu/conferences/event/aamhd2010/

For more information:
Location: LaSells Stewart Center
Address: Oregon State University 875 SW 26th Street Corvallis, Oregon
City: Corvallis
Contact: Sierra Berryman or Robert Tanguay
Email: tanguay.lab from oregonstate.edu
Telephone: 541-737-4391
Website: http://oregonstate.edu/conferences/event/aamhd2010/
Cost:$200 General $50 Student

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