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On Jun 7, 10:40 pm, "Shia, Alice K H" <a.s... from imperial.ac.uk> wrote:
> Dear all,
> We have some transgenics that are now 6 months old and refusing to breed. I had 4 embroyos from them a few weeks ago and nothing before or since. The females are gravid and we give them blood meal before breeding.
> Anyone have any tips or ideas please?
> Thanks
> Alice

There are several key factors for breeding, the most important we find
to be light, water and feeding.  Best results for us come from pairing
after the usual 2 or 3 feeds/day (artemia/dry feed), leaving paired
overnight (12 hours dark) then a water change when the lights come on
the next morning.  Also we pair one male to two females, or 3 females
to 2 males in a larger tank.  Outcrossing transgenics (breeding with
wildtype) is much easier than incrossing, if you can sort the progeny.

Auckland University
New Zealand

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