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On Jun 17, 9:02 am, judy <judy.ro... from otago.ac.nz> wrote:
> This is a two part question.  Does any lab have good data on the
> better way to house zfish gender-wise? We currently keep our male and
> female breeders together in the same tank and breed them not more than
> every 2 weeks. Is it more common to house males and females separately
> until time for breeding and maybe get better rates of both numbers of
> eggs laid in addition to pairs successfully laying? The second part is
> whether it is a common situation to have a female laying eggs before
> the breeding divider has been lifted?  We have now had at least 3
> strains where the female has laid eggs prior to having the centre
> breeding divider lifted.
> Many thanks,
> Judy Rodda
> Otago Zebrafish Facility Manager
> Pathology Department
> University of Otago
> Dunedin 9001

Hi Judy,
We keep our breeding males and females separate, and restrict breeding
to maximum once a week for females and once every 3-4 days for males,
but usually both get a 1-2 week interval between matings.
Re the second part of your question, we occasionally have fish spawn
before their morning water change (we don't use dividers).  Usually
they don't spawn because the water is not clean enough.  The trigger
for spawning is the light, and occasionally some females will even
spawn when the lights go off at night rather than when they come on in
the morning.  However, as we usually set up multiple spawnings this is
not a problem for us.  I doubt it is a strain-specific behaviour.

MSc Student
Crosier Lab,
Molecular Medicine & Pathology,
Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences,
University of Auckland

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