[Zbrafish] Transgenic Luciferase Zebrafish

Priyanka Goyal via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by djpriy729 from gmail.com)
Mon Nov 15 20:03:49 EST 2010

Hi Everyone,
We are high school students planning to study bioluminescence imaging
in organisms by creating transgenic zebrafish that express the
luciferase gene. We were wondering, is it possible to use
electroporation to alter mature zebrafish with the luciferase plasmid
rather than zebrafish embryos? Has anybody done this before? If so,
some guidance on choosing a proper protocol would be extremely
helpful. Our materials and budget are somewhat limited, as we will be
performing our research in a high school environment. Thanks in
advance for all of your help.

Priyanka Goyal

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