[Zbrafish] Any success using phi-C 31 integrase to generate transgenes?

kinglemon via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by lmwang83 from gmail.com)
Tue Nov 30 02:27:41 EST 2010


I am a new comer in the fish field (from fruit fly). After surveying
literature, I realize that the mainstream to generate transgenic fish
is still tol2-based, which may suffer from positional effect, low
germline transmission rate, and low expression in transient expression
setting (plz correct me if wrong!). I am just wondering whether people
are trying to utilize the phi-C31 integrase + attP site based
transgene strategy in fish? I know it works very well in flies, and in
frogs. So there should be no reason it should not work in fish....

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