[Zbrafish] Re: Neuronal Marker

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Sat Oct 9 07:20:00 EST 2010

On Oct 5, 5:36 pm, Oliver Braubach <braub... from dal.ca> wrote:

> We are looking for an antibody that labels neuronal cell bodies in the  
> peripheral nervous system of zebrafish, particularly in the heart.  
> Does anybody know of an antibody (or combinations of) that will label  
> most or all of the peripheral neuronal somata, regardless of  
> neurotransmitter phenotype.

You can try one of the acetylated tubulin antibodies. My lab purchased
T7451 from Sigma some time back for this purpose but have not had a
chance to test it (fish are not at the correct sampling age yet). See
Svoboda et al Development 128, 3511-3520 (2001).

If you find something else which works please let me know.


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