[Zbrafish] Fish/larvae/juveniles mortality!

David G. White via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by dgw5079 from u.washington.edu)
Tue Sep 7 18:41:50 EST 2010

Hello, sorry to hear about this my first guess would be a motile aeromonad infection (A.hydrophila often with a protozoan). A stress-borne bacterial disease that can be treated in less-severe cases by correcting the stress factors. Predisposing risk factors such as high temperatures overcrowding, organics and hypoxia. Check your environments.

Good luck, Dave

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On Sun, 5 Sep 2010, sudhakar pagal wrote:

> In my zebrafish facility I am noticing a mass death of them in a perticular tank from few days, where as fishes in all other tanks are okay, as I work hard to avoid
> any cross contamination. In the specified tank, fishes become lethargic, with discolored, sometimes reddened patches on skin, and sit at the bottom, do not rush to
> the food and then die after a day or two. I changed water several times, also tried changing the tank altogether, but in vein. suddenly, 22 fishes died in one day.
> only few are surviving but I think they are also sick.
> I don't use a water filter system, but use two/three-day aged water dechlorinate, treat with malachite green, and use it. fishes in all other tanks are okay.
> Can anyone fix the problem ? How to treat the disease ?
> Sudhakar Pagal
> Bhabaneswar,
> India
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