[Zbrafish] Re: Question on Swimming Behavior

Steven Waldron via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by waldrons from u.washington.edu)
Wed Sep 22 16:10:50 EST 2010

Hi Rachel,

Glad to hear.  I don't know if it is the tetramin per se that is 
creating this gas imbalance in your fish or perhaps something 
else...behavioral maybe...like perhaps they are grabbing too much air 
when they feed at the surface; attacking the tetramin with too much 
gusto?.  Maybe they are not getting enough food outside of the flake 

Do your fish reproduce well? 

Steve Waldron
University of Washington

Rachel wrote:
> Update on swim bladder issue - I was mistaken about the occurance of
> this swim behavior as it does occur after the tetramin feeding.  I
> realized the time I 'observe' my fish is usually in the afternoon
> after the flake food feeding.  This morning I noticed normal swimming
> behavior from all fish.
> My corrective action is to feed less flake food and maybe cut it from
> the diet altogether.
> Thank you for going through this learning process with me,
> -Rachel
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