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Caroline Parkin via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by caroline.parkin from sheffield.ac.uk)
Thu Apr 14 08:42:37 EST 2011

Hello all,

I'd like to create a public list on twitter of people who work with, or have an interest in, zebrafish research. 

It doesn't matter if you never tweet about science, or if that's all you tweet about. But I think it would be great to get a bit of a community going. For those of you who use twitter a lot, you'll appreciate the great networking opportunities and the speed at which simple questions can be answered in the twittersphere!

I tweet a couple of times a day, usually about a minor detail of #lablife (so my none scientist friends can get a glimpse into my world). I recently ported the science based tweets to my new account @fishforscience. I'll keep my retweets to minimum, but will occasionally post up things I think are interesting.

Please get in touch if you'd like to be on the list. Or just give me a follow @fishforscience



D31 Firth Court
University of Sheffield
S10 2TN

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