[Zbrafish] Problems with females laying eggs.

Derek Walsh via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by derekwhd from gmail.com)
Tue Dec 20 09:49:20 EST 2011


I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions to a problem my facility
is having.  We are getting a very low to zero eggs being laid from our
AB wild type.  The females are producing eggs, however if they are
squeezed their eggs will come out.  However when they are set up with
males they do not lay them.  We have checked the water quality, we do
regular water changes.  We have tried in-crosses and out-crosses.  We
feed them usually 3 times a day, twice with brine shrimp and once with
a dry food mixture (consisting primarily of Tetramin flake,
supplemented with Zeigler Larval Food Supplement AP100).  I know in
general they are over feed this way but we were trying to boost egg


Derek Walsh

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