[Zbrafish] Pictures of abdominal tumor in zebrafish available

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Fri Feb 4 13:37:39 EST 2011

Interested parties:

At our lab we house ~150 zebrafish (D. rerio; AB strain) in 120L glass
aquaria on a flow-through system. With so many individuals per tank,
observations on each individuals health is very time consuming, most
often I record a general assessment of the tank's health.

Yesterday, I identified two fish that had very large adominal tumors.
I have great photos of the tumor (taken through a microscope lens) as
well as the tumor as it was positioned inside the fish.

In addition, I recorded video of both fish behavior prior to being
euthanized. Clearly visible is an enlarged abdominal region resulting
in adnormal curvature of the spine. I am going to try and put the
video on YouTube soon.

If anyone would like to view these photos and/or video please feel
free to contact me.

Thank you,

Rachel Pryor, M.S.
1 Sabine Island Drive
Gulf Breeze, FL
pryor.rachel from epa.gov

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