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We use RO water in our facility and add salts and bicarb to make system water.  Our RO water system for the building needed servicing.  We had a policy in place where they first shut off the lines to the building and the fish room BEFORE servicing.  But they forgot to shut off the lines to the fish rooms.  One of our rooms was flooded with bleach and ozone.  Not compatible for fish health and happiness if you were curious.

Thankfully our other room (with all of my mutant strains) had a reservoir before the tanks and we caught this before the cleaning solution hit the tanks.  We lost thousands of fish, but mainly wildtype and babies.

Now we have a sensor on our RO supply line that shuts off the line if it detects anything in the RO above set ppm cutoff.

Thankfully, ZIRC had us up a running in just a few months.


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> > Background - we restored all our wildtypes with ZIRC stocks after mishap killed
> all our strains.  We invigorated them once with strains from the Schier lab.  We'd
> like to breed in another set of strains and then go back to ZIRC for the next round.
> thread hijack here...
> for posterity's sake, could you tell us in what the mishap was that
> killed off all your strains?
> good luck with your wt collection (we don't use any of those wt
> strains)
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