[Zbrafish] Re: Zebrafish facility problem - underdevelopment of embryos

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In my experience temperature completely stalls the rate of development
of embryos.
Expecially during winter, my laboratory is roughly around 22C to 23C
degrees air temp.  My mistake was I collected eggs into one large
carolina dish and from there, counted and distributed eggs to other
dishes. The time it took me to go through 1200 eggs significantly
delayed their development. Now, as I collect the eggs, I put them in
multiple dishes and store them in my incubator to try to keep a stable
temperature around 28C.

First, check the temperature of the water. Second, if you are leaving
the eggs that you are injecting out for a long period of time- the
temperature of the water may drop long enough to delay their
development.  The intact embryos are developing faster because they
are probably experiencing more of a stable temperature.

To avoid bacteria growth, my embryos develop in a 3-4ppt solution.

Hope this helps,
Good luck!

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