[Zbrafish] Re: Zebrafish facility problem - underdevelopment of embryos

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Tue Jan 11 09:23:19 EST 2011

On Jan 6, 4:06 pm, Rachel <pryor.... from gmail.com> wrote:
> Beata-
> In my experience temperature completely stalls the rate of development
> of embryos.
> Expecially during winter, my laboratory is roughly around 22C to 23C
> degrees air temp.  My mistake was I collected eggs into one large
> carolina dish and from there, counted and distributed eggs to other
> dishes. The time it took me to go through 1200 eggs significantly
> delayed their development. Now, as I collect the eggs, I put them in
> multiple dishes and store them in my incubator to try to keep a stable
> temperature around 28C.
> First, check the temperature of the water. Second, if you are leaving
> the eggs that you are injecting out for a long period of time- the
> temperature of the water may drop long enough to delay their
> development.  The intact embryos are developing faster because they
> are probably experiencing more of a stable temperature.
> To avoid bacteria growth, my embryos develop in a 3-4ppt solution.
> Hope this helps,
> Good luck!
> Rachel Pryor
> Student Service Contractor, USEPA
> 1 Sabine Island Drive,
> Gulf Breeze, FL
> pryor.rac... from epa.gov

Hello Rachel,

Thank you for advice. Unfortunately I do not think that the
temperature have anything to do with our problem. Embryos are kept in
28C, in small volumes of E3 medium (about 10-15ml). Also the delay is
quite big (at 24hpf they are in about 15 somite stage).
Could you pleas write more about 3-4ppt solution you have mentioned?
We are using methylene blue solution.

Best regards
Beata Filipek-Gorniok

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