[Zbrafish] Re: Zebrafish facility problem - underdevelopment of embryos

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Wed Jan 12 09:39:49 EST 2011

If I may interject, I keep around 150 embryos in the same 9cm dish,
and they grow just fine. So overcrowding may not necessarily be the
You could be getting some sort of contam <bacterial/fungal> from the
fecal matter of the adults which might be causing the unexpected
death. The only solution to this would be to rinse in 3 changes of E3,
or dechlorinated water.
Temperature does play an important part in the development, but it
shouldn't cause so much retardation which finally causes death <unless
you are keeping the embryos on ice or some such>.


 On Jan 12, 12:43 am, Steven Waldron <waldr... from u.washington.edu>
> You can stunt their development if the incubation dishes are overcrowded
> (no more than 50 embryos/dish).
> best,
> Steve Waldron
> University of Washington, Seattle
> > Hello Rachel,
> > Thank you for advice. Unfortunately I do not think that the
> > temperature have anything to do with our problem. Embryos are kept in
> > 28C, in small volumes of E3 medium (about 10-15ml). Also the delay is
> > quite big (at 24hpf they are in about 15 somite stage).
> > Could you pleas write more about 3-4ppt solution you have mentioned?
> > We are using methylene blue solution.
> > Best regards
> > Beata Filipek-Gorniok
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