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Fish must also experience stress merely though handling of tanks (e.g.
changes in light intensity coming from the surface below them) and will be
stressed by netting for placement in a tricaine solution etc. One advantage
of the ice slurry method is that it can be performed so rapidly with minimum
handling beforehand. At least that is one of the arguments I have put to our
Animal Ethics Committee. Regards, Michael. 


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Hi all, 


We use to euthanize our zebrafish with tricaine overdose (4g/L), and it is
really fast. 


I'm pretty sure that if the fish experience acute stress, it's during a very
short time (some 20 seconds at the maximum), thus far shorter than "rapid"
cooling. I've never seen a fish waking up from this concetrated tricaine


All the best, 


Marie Winandy PhD

Universite de Liege, Belgium

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