[Zbrafish] Babies with kink or bend

Vishal via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by vsaxena5 from gmail.com)
Wed Nov 9 11:42:26 EST 2011

Hi There,

Thanks for helping regarding my previous query. These days, I see most
of my zebrafish babies have a kink or bend just before where caudal
fin starts! These babies look normal from front but when I look them
from the top, I see this bend. These fish are normal in all other
ways. Is this normal? May be, because we are not bleaching them long
enough? we bleach embryos for 2 mints in 3mL of 0.5% bleach in 200 mL
of system water? Is this a disease? Is this going to affect fish
breeding when they become adult? Please let me know if anyone has
experienced the same thing. I shall really appreciate your help. Many
thanks in advance,

Best regards,

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