[Zbrafish] Updated ZiFiT Targeter Software for Engineered TALE Nuclease (TALEN) Design

Keith Joung via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by keith.joung from zincfingers.org)
Tue Oct 25 19:18:23 EST 2011

Dear all,

We write to let the group know that we have updated our ZiFiT software
to include support for those interested in designing TALENs for use in
genome engineering.  To reflect this, we have named the new beta-
version of this software Zinc Finger and TALE Targeter (ZiFiT
Targeter) version 4.0.

ZiFiT Targeter v4.0 provides support for construction of engineered
TALE repeat arrays based on a framework that has been shown to produce
highly active DNA-binding proteins that function in C. elegans (Wood
et al., Science 2011), zebrafish (Sander et al., Nat Biotechnol.
2011), rats (Tesson et al., Nat Biotechnol. 2011), and human somatic
(Miller et al., Nat Biotechnol. 2011) and pluripotent stem cells
(Hockemeyer et al., Nat Biotechnol. 2011).  The software aids in the
identification of potential TALEN target sites and also provides user-
friendly guidance for construction of TALEN-encoding plasmids using a
simple protocol recently described by the Joung lab (Sander et al.,
Nat Biotechnol. 2011) that uses standard restriction enzyme digestion
and ligation procedures.

In addition, for any given target site of interest, ZiFiT v4.0 can
generate easy-to-follow graphical overviews that can be used to guide
the assembly of a plasmid encoding a desired TALEN. These guides are
cross-referenced to plasmids that can be obtained from a dedicated
website hosted by the non-profit plasmid distribution service Addgene

As with previous versions, ZiFiT Targeter (v4.0) is freely accessible
to all users without registration here:  http://zifit.partners.org/zifitbeta.
We note that other resources for practicing TALEN technology are also
available from the Bogdanove lab at Iowa State (http://
boglabx.plp.iastate.edu/TALENT/) and the Zhang lab at MIT (http://

We welcome feedback on this new beta-version of ZiFiT Targeter v4.0
and would ask that you post comments on the ZFC newsgroup.  We hope
that you will find ZiFiT Targeter v4.0 useful.


Keith Joung
Jeff Sander
Deepak Reyon

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