[Zbrafish] ZFN-mediated gene replacement in zebrafish?

Qiyan Mao via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by qiyan from uchicago.edu)
Sat Feb 25 17:17:23 EST 2012

Dear Zbrafishers, 

My apologies if similar questions have been posted: I am interested in replacing a genome-integrated eGFP transgene with another reporter gene in zebrafish. I am considering using zinc finger nuclease to generate a double strand break, then supplying a plasmid with homologous sequences containing my reporter of interest to achieve gene replacement. A quick literature search suggests that unlike other models (flies and worms, etc), ZFN-mediated gene replacement has not been reported successful in zebrafish. Do you know what is likely the reason? I'd much appreciate it if you could point me towards who may have better clues. 

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Qiyan Mao
Ph.D. Candidate, Robert Ho lab
Committee on Development, Regeneration and Stem Cell Biology 
University of Chicago
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