[Zbrafish] Re: Problems with females laying eggs.

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Mon Jan 16 01:55:09 EST 2012

On Dec 20 2011, 7:49 pm, Derek Walsh <derek... from gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions to a problem my facility
> is having.  We are getting a very low to zero eggs being laid from our
> AB wild type.  The females are producing eggs, however if they are
> squeezed their eggs will come out.  However when they are set up with
> males they do not lay them.  We have checked the water quality, we do
> regular water changes.  We have tried in-crosses and out-crosses.  We
> feed them usually 3 times a day, twice with brine shrimp and once with
> a dry food mixture (consisting primarily of Tetramin flake,
> supplemented with Zeigler Larval Food Supplement AP100).  I know in
> general they are over feed this way but we were trying to boost egg
> production.
> Thanks,
> Derek Walsh

I would suggest to check the nitrate and nitrite levels of your
zebrafish system. Make sure that nitrite levels are 0 ppm and nitrate
levels are minimum 40 ppm. This will help your fish to be healthy and
breed properly.


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