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Dear zebrafish colleagues,

In the past years the Cre/lox system has been established in zebrafish to complement the existing reverse genetic applications like Gal4/UAS or LexPR.  Cre-mediated recombination was shown by several labs to be highly efficient in the developing and adult zebrafish and temporal control of recombination is achieved by using the ligand-inducible CreERT2. To broaden the pool of existing CreERT2 driver lines, we have conducted a gene trap insertion screen and have so far established more than 40 transgenic lines that express CreERT2 and mCherry in various tissues. To share and distribute these lines within the zebrafish community rapidly, we have set up an easy-to-use database (https://crezoo.crt-dresden.de/crezoo). This database contains the embryonic expression profiles, but also additional information (e.g. CreERT2/mCherry expression at adult stages, transactivation of a Cre-dependent reporter line, insertion site/gene). As yet, not all insertions have been mapped to a genomic location, but the database is regularly updated, adding newly generated insertions and mapping information. For further information, please visit https://crezoo.crt-dresden.de/crezoo.

Best wishes, 

Michael Brand
Stefan Hans
Peggy Jungke

Center for Regenerative Therapies, CRTD
TU Dresden
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