A. thaliana chromosome 4 - annotation of genes

Larry Parnell parnell at cshl.org
Mon Feb 1 11:52:50 EST 1999


Do you know of a gene or feature of the chromosome IV that is annotated
incorrectly or incompletely? If so, then you can help out the annotators of
chromosome IV sequence by alerting us to these deficiencies. We would like
to get the annotation of chromosome IV sequence as accurate as possible and
so we look to the community for expert assistance in genes are gene families
that are the focus of your research. If your gene of interest resides south
of HY4 (25 cM), then send an email to Christine Schueller at MIPS at
schuelle at mips.biochem.mpg.de. If your gene of interest resides north of HY4,
then send an email to Larry Parnell at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory at
parnell at cshl.org. Send a message to Larry if you're not exactly sure where
your gene resides.

It is through your help that we can achieve a higher quality, more accurate
annotation of the genomic sequence.

Larry Parnell
Director of Sequence Analysis
Cold Spring Harbor Labortory

Christine Schueller
Director of Arabidopsis Annotation
Munich Information Center for Protein Sequences (MIPS)
Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry

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