New Arabidopsis DNA 02-20-1999

Mike Cherry cherry at genome.stanford.edu
Sun Feb 21 13:36:04 EST 1999

A major change is underway at the sequence databases.  A new version
number is being created by the international sequence databases: DDBJ,
EMBL, and GenBank.  This new version number, for both protein and DNA
sequences, will replace the current NID and PID, plus it will be
identical between all the above sequence databases. Extra processing
is required by the sequence database staff to put these changes into
effort.  As a result they are holding the daily updates to allow the
format and software changes to occur.  There have been no new
sequences released by GenBank since February 10th.  Thus there are no
new Arabidopsis sequences this week.  Sequences are still being
received and will be released after the change is complete.  Sequences
should begin flowing from GenBank next week, and for sure by February

For more information on the changes at GenBank see:



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