Gordon Research Conference "Salt and Water Stress in Plants"

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Thu May 6 10:07:21 EST 2004

The next Gordon Conference on Salt and Water=20
Stress in Plants will be held on June 13th =96=20
18th, 2004 at the Hong Kong University of Science=20
& Technology, Hong Kong. This conference will be=20
an international forum for discussion of the=20
frontiers of science on salt and water stress in=20
plants. Individuals wishing to attend should=20
complete an application at the GRC online=20
Application Web Page=20
(<http://grc.org/>http://grc.org). It is=20
important that applications be submitted as soon=20
as possible in order to receive prompt=20
consideration by the Conference Chairs and to=20
ensure qualification for the early registration=20
=46ixed Fee discount, this is particularly=20
important for Conferences which are highly=20
oversubscribed. Applications are encouraged from=20
all scientists active in all of the research=20
areas associated with salt and water stress.=20
Applications must be submitted via the web.=20
Applicants are admitted to a GRC by the Chair=20
based on the information provided on the=20
application. The Conference Program can be found=20
at http://grc.org/programs/2004/salt.htm

Dr. Eduardo Blumwald
Professor of Cell Biology and
Will W. Lester Endowed Chair
Department of Pomology
1045 Wickson Hall
University of California
One Shields Ave., Davis, CA 95616
Phone: 530-752-4640
=46AX: 530-752-8502
Lab: 530-754-7322
Email:eblumwald at ucdavis.edu

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