Morphogenesis mutants of Lotus japonicus

Sakai Tatsuya tsakai at psc.riken.go.jp
Mon May 31 21:25:34 EST 2004

Laboratory for Genetic Regulatory Systems in RIKEN Plant Science Center is
screening EMS-treated mutants and isolating morphogenesis mutants in the
model plant of legume, Lotus japonicus, supported by the Millennium Project
and the NBRP Bean's Base in Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science
and Technology, Japan. From today, 72 lines of M3 homozygote mutants are
opened on our homepage (http://grs.psc.riken.jp).

The screening was done on 60,000 individuals of M2 plants, which were
collected from about 3,000 M1 plants. Many of them are involved in the
mutants of root hairs, but some mutants show the abnormalities of long
hypocotyl, root meristem, swelling of epidermal cells of roots, etc. We
don't have a plan to analyze them and publish the results by ourselves, and
thus all of them are unpublished mutants.

Those mutants have opened for the public under the condition of
collaboration (The recipient need to list Dr. Tatsuya Sakai and one more
person in our lab as coauthors in any publication). If you would like to
use them in your research, please contact us (grs at psc.riken.jp) according
to how to request the mutant in our homepage.

Note: Those will be deposited to the NBRP Bean's Base at university of
Miyazaki, Japan, a half to one year later. Heterozygote lines of the
morphogenesis mutants, which show lethality of seedlings or sterility, will
be also opened in future. Balk M2 seeds treated by EMS are not supplied.

Tatsuya Sakai
Team Leader
Laboratory for Genetic Regulatory Systems

Genomic Function Research Group 
RIKEN Plant Science Center
Suehiro-cho 1-7-22, Tsurumi, Yokohama, Kanagawa
230-0045 JAPAN
Tel. +81-45-503-9592
Fax. +81-45-503-9591
e-mail address. tsakai at psc.riken.go.jp


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