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Dear Jeff,

I cannot remember any specific info regarding the use of albinos as an
indicator of mutation frequency. However, you might want to check out the
following ref regarding the use of embryo lethals in Arabidopsis to estimate
the number of equivalent genomes required for EMS screens of embryonic

Jurgens, G., Mayer, U., Torres Ruiz, R., Berleth, T., and Misera, S. (1991).
Genetic analysis of pattern formation in the Arabidopsis embryo. In
Molecular and Cellular Basis of Pattern Formation, K. Roberts, Coen, C.
Dean, J. Jones, K. Chater, R. Flavell, A. Wilkins, and N. Holder, eds
(Cambridge: The Company of Biologists, Ltd), pp. 27-38. (Development
Supplement 1, 1991, 27-38).


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We are trying to estimate chemically-induced mutation rates in a 
diploid wheat based on the frequency of albinos. Has anyone made an 
estimate of the number of genes which, if mutant, could produce this 
phenotype in Arabidopsis? Leads to likely people to talk to, 
references, and/or estimates all welcomed!


Jeff Leonard
jeff.leonard at oregonstate.edu

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