[Arabidopsis] need citations: TAIR9 (or 10) genes not on ATH1 microarray?

Ann Loraine via arab-gen%40net.bio.net (by aloraine from gmail.com)
Sat Sep 25 09:10:24 EST 2010


I'm looking for references (published articles, web sites, etc) that
generated a list of TAIR9 or TAIR10 gene models that are NOT
represented on the Affymetrix ATH1 (sometimes called 22K) DNA

One example is this article describing the AGRONOMICS1 array:

Along those same lines, I'm also looking for analyses of "promiscuous"
probe sets on the ATH1 array - these are typically probe sets that
measure expression of multiple genes from the same highly-conserved
paralogous gene families.

If you or some-one you know has done this kind of analysis, I would be
very grateful for a pointer!

Just as a side note, if you are contemplating microarray experiments
using Affymetrix platform arrays, be sure to investigate AGRONOMICS1
as an alternative to the ATH1 or AtTile1R - see
http://www.agron-omics.eu/index.php/resource_center/tiling-array for
further information.


Ann Loraine

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