[Arabidopsis] Postdoctoral opportunity "Early events in flower development"

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Wed May 8 08:03:16 EST 2013

Effective immediately, I am looking for a postdoctoral researcher to =
investigate the regulation of the vital developmental switch to flower =
formation in Arabidopsis. My lab is studying how the plant specific =
transcription factor LEAFY directs floral meristem formation. In =
addition, we are investigating how the onset of flower formation is =
timed for optimal reproductive fitness. We use a combination of genetic, =
genomic, cell biological and molecular approaches to address these =
questions. More details about my lab=92s work can be found at =
http://www.bio.upenn.edu/people/doris-wagner .
The successful candidate should have completed his PhD recently, have a =
strong publication record and prior knowledge of Developmental Biology =
as well as of molecular and genetic approaches. Prior experience in gene =
regulatory networks or computational biology is a plus, but not =

Th University of Pennsylvania Biology Department has an active Plant =
Biology research group and excellent research facilities. Salary will be =
commensurate with qualifications and experience. The position will be =
initially available for one year, with renewal based on performance and =
funding availability. The successful candidate will be encouraged to =
apply for independent fellowships to gain independent programs for =
his/her future career path.

Those interested should submit a cover letter (1-2 pages) outlining =
their research interest and career goals, current curriculum vitae, and =
name and contact information of three referees to wagnerdo from sas.upenn.edu
Yamaguchi, N., Wu, M.F., Winter, C.M., Berns, M.C., Nole-Wilson, S., =
Yamaguchi, A., Coupland, G., Krizek, B.A., and Wagner, D. (2013). A =
molecular framework for auxin-mediated initiation of flower primordia. =
Dev Cell 24, 271-282
 Wu, M.F., Sang, Y., Bezhani, S., Yamaguchi, N., Han, S.K., Li, Z., Su, =
Y., Slewinski, T.L., and Wagner, D. (2012). SWI2/SNF2 chromatin =
remodeling ATPases overcome polycomb repression and control floral organ =
identity with the LEAFY and SEPALLATA3 transcription factors. =
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of =
America 109, 3576-3581.
 Pastore, J.J., Limpuangthip, A., Yamaguchi, N., Wu, M.F., Sang, Y., =
Han, S.K., Malaspina, L., Chavdaroff, N., Yamaguchi, A., and Wagner, D. =
(2011). LATE MERISTEM IDENTITY2 acts together with LEAFY to activate =
APETALA1. Development 138, 3189-3198.
 Winter, C.M., Austin, R.S., Blanvillain-Baufume, S., Reback, M.A., =
Monniaux, M., Wu, M.F., Sang, Y., Yamaguchi, A., Yamaguchi, N., Parker, =
J.E., et al. (2011). LEAFY Target Genes Reveal Floral Regulatory Logic, =
cis Motifs, and a Link to Biotic Stimulus Response. Dev Cell 20, =
 Yamaguchi, A., Wu, M.F., Yang, L., Wu, G., Poethig, R.S., and Wagner, =
D. (2009). The microRNA-regulated SBP-Box transcription factor SPL3 is a =
direct upstream activator of LEAFY, FRUITFULL, and APETALA1. Dev Cell =
17, 268-278.

Doris Wagner                                                      =20
Associate Professor and Graduate Chair           =20
Department of Biology
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 190104-6084

wagnerdo from sas.upenn.edu


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