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Fri Dec 29 14:10:11 EST 1989

     Please forward to the Department of Mathmatics, or Statistics

Dear sir:
     The Chinese Statistical Association, along with other two
organizations, will sponsor "The 1990 International Statistical
Symposium Taipei, R.O.C." on June 28-30, in Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C..
As a theme entitled " New Development on Statistical Theory and
Applications ", statistical papers in several topics will be
presented in the meeting.  Your contributed papers in those
topics are highly appreciated.	Limited funds from sponsors are
available on a competitive basis.  The detailed information is
as follows:

Theme: New Development on Statistical Theory and Applications
Dates: June 28-30, 1990
Place: Taipei International Convention Center
Sponsors: Chinese Statistical Association
	  Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting
	      and Statistics, Executive Yuan
	  Academia Sinica

Topics of papers:
  Mathematical Statistics		   Econometrics
  Limit Theory and Applied Probability	   Industrial Statistics
  Experimental Design			   Biostatistics
  Sample Surveys			   Social Statistics
  Decision Theory			   Government Statistics

      Please mail abstract of no more than 300 words
	  before FEB. 20, 1990, and the full paper
		before APRIL 1, 1990 to:

	       Dr. M. T. Chao
	       Institute of Statistical Science
	       Academia Sinica
	       Taipei, Taiwan 11529, R.O.C.
	       Tel:  (886-2) 785-4359
	       Fax:  (886-2) 783-1523

	       Dr. C. S. Chen
	       Bureau of Statistics
	       Kwang Chow Street
	       Taipei, Taiwan 10729, R.O.C.
	       Tel:  (886-2) 381-1982
	       Fax:  (886-2) 331-9925
	       Bitnet:grfg049 at twnmoe10

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