EMBL database and GCG

"Rainer Fuchs ", EMBL FUCHS at embl.bitnet
Fri Mar 23 05:20:00 EST 1990

 As from the current release EMBL distributes its database no longer as one
 large file, but split into taxonomic divisions. This caused some problems
 for users of the GCG package. To solve these problems a set of programs has
 been written by Peter Rice at EMBL and will be distributed as part of the
 GCGEMBL package. It is available from the EMBL file server as

 The package contains programs to utilize the new EMBL divisions for GCG, to
 create a SwissProt database, to create PIRONLY and GBONLY databases with
 entries not in SwissProt and EMBL resp., and to create EMNEW and GBNEW
 databases containing sequences distributed by the EMBL File Server and over
 EMBnet. Additionally, it contains some bug fixes mainly dealing with
 sequences >100,000 bp.

 Users that are new to the EMBL File Server should start sending a mail
 message to NETSERV at EMBL.BITNET containing the lines

 Since NETSERV is a fully automatic process, don't send inquiries or
 questions to NETSERV. Instead please use SOFTWARE at EMBL for general questions
 or RICE at EMBL if you have problems directly related to GCGEMBL programs.

 Rainer Fuchs, Ph.D.
 EMBL Data Library
 fuchs at embl.bitnet

 Rainer Fuchs, Ph.D.
 EMBL Data Library
 fuchs at embl.bitnet

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