EMBL File Server News: Number 1, October 12th 1990

Mon Oct 15 11:05:00 EST 1990

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<1> Introduction
<2> File sizes
<3> New data collections
<4> Updates to existing data collections
<5> Updates to software collection
<6> Summary of contents of file server
<7> Getting started ?
<8> and finally...

<1> Introduction
    This is the first issue of the EMBL File Server News. We intend to
    use it to summarise changes to the EMBL File Server. The databases, software
    and other files on the server are updated so frequently that this mode of
    notification is preferable to individual announcements.
    It will be available itself from the server (eg. GET DOC:EMBL_Server_News.1)
    and also posted to appropriate electronic network bulletin-boards.

<2> File Sizes
    On October 9th 1990, the size limit on files sent from the EMBL File Server
    was reduced from 256 to 100 Kbytes. Files larger than this limit are
    split into smaller parts and labelled appropriately: the recipient should
    assemble these to re-create the whole.

<3> New Data Collections

    The following new data collections have been added to the file server

    * TFD *
    Version 1.0 of the relational Transcription Factor Database (Nucl. Acids
    Res. 18, 1990:1749-1756), maintained by David Ghosh at NCBI, is now
    available as ASCII dumps of the database tables in the new file server
    directory TFD.

    * Drosophila Genetic Map Database *
    The new directory DROSOPHILA contains the files comprising the database of
    genetic information about Drosophila maintained by Michael Ashburner,
    Cambridge, UK. PostScript versions of every file are available as well.

    * CodonUsage *
    A collection of codon frequency tables, produced by J.M. Cherry, was kindly
    provided by Don Gilbert, Indiana, and is stored in the directory CODONUSAGE.
    Codon usage information is available for Drosophila, human, mouse, sea
    urchin, S. pombe and S. saccharomyces. All files are in the format
    required by the GCG sequence analysis package.

<4> Updates to Existing Data Collections
    The following data collections have been updated recently:

    REBase      -  Release 9010, October 1990, of Rich Robert's restriction
                   enzyme database.
    Prosite     -  Release 5.1 of Amos Bairoch's protein pattern database.
    ProteinData -  Release 53, July 1990 of the Brookhaven Protein Data Bank
    Enzyme      -  Release 2.0 of Amos Bairoch's enzyme database.
    RefList     -  Release 12.1 of Amos Bairoch's SeqAnalRef database.

    The directory NUC is continually updated with nucleotide sequence data
    from EMBL/GenBank/DDBJ.

<5> Updates to Software Collection
    To keep all files below the limit of 100K, some files in the DOS_SOFTWARE,
    UNIX_SOFTWARE and VAX_SOFTWARE directory were split into smaller parts.
    Therefore, the filenames of some of these files have now changed from
    myfile.UUE to myfile.UAA. If you receive an error message "File not found",
    this will probably be caused by a change of filename; use the DIR command to
    get the most recent directory listings. Please refer to the corresponding
    HELP files for information about handling split files.

    Here is a list of new molecular biological programs or updates, submitted
    for redistribution.


    COSY.UAA       -  Package for calculations of enzyme kinetics
                      (M. Eberhard; CABIOS 6, 1990, 213-221)
    CUTCOST.UUE    -  Program to determine the cheapest source for
                      restriction enzymes
                      (C.G. Meinhof)
    ENZKIN.UAA     -  Enzyme kinetics calculation (req. Math co-proc)
                      (S.R. Maloy; CABIOS 6, 1990, 63-65)
    PROSRCH.UUE    -  Protein pattern searching using Prosite (req. Awk)
                      (L.F. Kolakowski)
    SEQAIDFD.UAA   -  New v3.8 of this sequence analysis package
                      (D. Roufa)
    PRNTGL.UAA     -  Utility to print HGPL files (e.g. GCG output) on
                      matrix or laser printer (new v1.09).
                      (C. Ravitz)


    MACPATTERN.HQX -  New v1.1.1 of this protein pattern search program
                      (R. Fuchs)
    UNSTUFFITDELUXE.HQX - New version of ASCII->binary decoding software
                      (R. Lau)


    PROSEARCH.UUE  -  v1.1 of protein pattern searching program
                      (L.F. Kolakowski)


    NOCUT.COM      -  Production of restriction enzyme database file of
                      non-cutters taken from MAP output for use with MAP/SIL
                      (T. Easton)
    PROFILESCAN.BUGFIX - Bug fix for GCG ProfileScan
                      (M. Gribskov)
    PROSEARCH.UUE  -  v1.1 of protein pattern searching program
                      (L.F. Kolakowski)
    RST_OLAP.UUE   -  Creates sorted list of restriction enzymes giving
                      adhesive ends from REBASE database file
                      (P.A. Stockwell)
    SCRUTINE.UAA   -  Update of SCRUTINEER protein analysis program
                      (P. Sibbald)
    ZOO.UAA        -  New version of ZOO which hopefully works under most
                      versions of VMS

<6> Summary of Directories of the EMBL File Server


    EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Database                              NUC
      (Rel. 24, Aug 90 + new data from EMBL/GenBank/DDBJ)
    Eukaryotic Promotor Database (Rel. 24, Aug 90)                 EPD
    SwissProt Protein Database (Rel. 14, Aug 90)                   PROT
    ProSite pattern database (Rel. 5.1, Aug 90)                    PROSITE
    ENZYME database (Rel. 2, Aug 90)                               ENZYME
    Brookhaven Protein Structure Database (Rel. 53, Jul 90)        PROTEINDATA
    REBASE, Restriction Enzyme Database (Rel. 9010, Oct 90)        REBASE
    TFD, Transcription Factor Database (Ver 1.0)                   TFD
    The E.coli Database (Rel. 4, Aug 90)                           ECD
    Drosophila Genetic Map Database (Rel. 3.5, Aug 90)             DROSOPHILA
    Listing of Molecular Biology Databases, LiMB (Rel. 2.0)        LIMB
    Sequence analysis bibliography (SEQANALREF Rel. 12.1, Sep 90)  REFLIST


    Software for MS-DOS computers                                  DOS_SOFTWARE
    Software for Apple Macintosh                                   MAC_SOFTWARE
    Software for UNIX                                              UNIX_SOFTWARE
    Software for VAX/VMS                                           VAX_SOFTWARE
    Other software, GenBank Clearinghouse, etc.                    MISC_SOFTWARE


    Technical documents, submission and order forms, etc.          DOC
    Multiple DNA sequence alignments and consensus sequences       ALIGN
    Codon Usage tables                                             CODONUSAGE

<7> Getting Started ?
    The EMBL File Server is a facility available on the EMBL computing system
    for external users to request files by electronic mail. The service is free.

    For initial information, send standard electronic mail to the address
    NETSERV at EMBL.bitnet
    containing just the word HELP on a line by itself. No essays please.
    For human contact, send electronic mail to NetHelp at EMBL.bitnet.

<8> and finally...a compliment ?
    "I also would like to congrtulate the EMBO/EMBL for providing such
     unvaluable services to the european scientific community"

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